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5 Great Reasons to Start a Home Based Business Today

Thinking about starting a home based business? We all have at one point or another. Here are 5 great reason to start one today.

1.  The Economy

It’s bad and it will take some time to rebound, and in the mean time, we are all losing our shirts. Don’t rely on the government or your stocks for survival! You have no control over either one of these. Yes, you can change your stocks, but you still don’t really know what will happen to them.

2. Your Job (if you still have one)

See #1. This goes hand in hand with the economy. Everyone out there is worried about their job, if not, you are one of the few lucky ones. If you have your own home based business, you are your own boss and probably will not fire yourself. Job security is a great feeling!

3. Income

The cost of living continues to go up. Is your salary doing the same? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an income that would allow you have no worries about paying your bills and being able to buy and do what you want? Financial freedom is on everyone’s wish list!

4. Self Respect (pride)When you have your own home based business, It’s all about YOU! When you work for someone else, you’re lucky if you get the credit for a job well done. When working for yourself, you get all the credit for the accomplishments and achievements for your home business. Trust me, it is a feel good story when you reach your goals that you set for your business, especially if you have failed a few times before.

5. Freedom

I live in the northeast section of the US and spring is here! Being able to do what I want and when I want is awesome! A lot of yard work needs to get done and I do it in the afternoon and work on my home business after dark (can’t do that when you have a “job”). I also have kids in sports and not having to worry about running around like a chicken without its head to get them there on time is great! Not feeling so hot today? Sleep in a little longer…your the boss, start work when YOU want to! I can go on and on in this category, but I think you get the idea.

Successful home based businesses are out there. Do some research and find one that you would like to do and take control of your life! Stop worrying about the economy, your job and if your income will pay all the bills. Start a home based business today and reap the rewards that come along with it. Yes, you will have some trial and error (we all do) but stick with it and never look back! A click on our link will give you all the information, ideas and opportunities that you will need to get started today.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made by Most Presenters in Business Today

Presenting to an audience no matter how small or how large is an important part of the way we do business today. It may be to motivate and influence our team to perform at their best, it may be to pitch for new business, it may be to present proposals to the board, to persuade the customer to buy, it may be simply to convey to others information about a new process or a new idea.

In my work see many presentations and I am so often disappointed by what I see. Almost daily, I see these mistake and it saddens me because I know these people could do so much better.

As a presentation skills coach and trainer, I’ve worked with many people to improve the impact of their presentations. Often there are some simple changes which people – yes, people like you – can make which significantly increase the impact of the presentations.

But let’s look at the biggest mistakes made by people in business when they are presenting.

1. Not being concise

This is what I call the ‘Waffle and Fluff’ syndrome. How often have you been watching a presentation and the presenter takes so much time to get to the point of is topic and or when they do, they add unnecessary and irrelevant material. It is important that you make it clear up front what you are going to talk about then keep to topic, Sure, there are various tools you can use as a presenter to engage your audience but make sure you are clear on what your message is – and stay on topic. So cut the ‘waffle’ and ‘de-fluff’* the presentation. (*Fluff ? We could also call this ‘filler’- filling out the presentation but not adding any real value.)

2. Not understanding their audiences’ needs. If you’re going to be presenting to an audience, it’s important that you understand who they are, what is their level of understanding of what you’re talking about, and what do they need from you. Do your research before you present. It’s often a very simple thing to do and will make your task easier and make your presentation a ‘fit’ for the audience.

3. Relying on PowerPoint

We’ve all seen it – the presenter who not only has a lot of material on the PowerPoint presentation (Far too much detail to be read on the screen!) but he or she reads the PowerPoint material as each slide comes up. It’s as if they’ve written their all presentation on PowerPoint and then simply read it to the audience. PowerPoint is an aid to the presentation, it should be used to enhance what you are saying and, by following a few simple rules, can be a very effective enhancement to help convey the message. But when the person reads everything on the slide – or has too much on each slide – they lose the audience’s attention. Nothing will kill your presentation quicker – that’s why it’s called ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

4. Not engaging their audience

Engaging the audience is of important if we want to have any sort of impact. How can you sell, persuade, influence or motivate if you don’t have the audience engaged? Engaging means they will want to listen to you, they will want to take on what you are saying, they will be motivated. If they’re not engaged, they are just sitting there waiting for you to finish. So how do we engage our audience? Well, there are a number of ways – and they’re easy to do.

Three of the ways are 1. Being concise (See above) 2. Understanding your audience (see above again) and 3. Effective use of PowerPoint.

Even by simply looking at each person, you will increase the level of engagement. But there are other ways – and they’re not hard to incorporate in your presentations.

5. No call to action

The purpose of any business presentation, indeed any presentation at all, even if it’s to the Mother’s Group or the PTA, has a purpose. You have an objective in making that presentation. You may want them to buy your product, accept your proposal, take on and act on the new information or be inspired and motivated to change their behavior. Many presentations end with what can only be called a ‘whimper’. It’s as if the person making the presentation is so glad it’s nearly over that they just want to finish and sit down. They are missing the all-important ‘call to action’. If you’re not incorporating a call to action at the end of your presentation, you should take time to learn how to do this – or your presentations will not be effective and get the outcome you are seeking.

You can avoid these big mistakes and set yourself apart from other colleagues and other presenters. Speaking effectively is such an important skill for anyone in business or in the corporate world today and those who take time to sharpen their skills in this area will stand out from the pack, will be more confident and will be more successful in achieving business outcomes.

Graham Moore

Start A Home-Based Business Today

Since we were young, we were taught not only to go to school but to do well in it so that we can find a good job when we grow old. We have been programmed to work outside the home and working in the comforts of our home was not really an option. However, these days, this notion is changing as more and more people are appreciating the multifarious benefits of working from home. In fact, having a home-based business can be pretty lucrative.

Working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week may be ideal for some individuals. After all, nothing is better than having security. The pay is regular and you get health insurance. But for some that have 8-hour jobs, this set-up can really take a toll on them after many years of being in the same line of work, especially if the job does not offer any promotions. Dead-end jobs can kill a person’s passion and creativity. Some may even claim that their daily jobs suck the life out of them. As a result, many salaried men dream about starting their very own businesses and becoming their own boss.

If you are prepared to make the decision of finally quitting your job and starting you own business, here are some things to help you.

Choosing a Home-Based Business

First of all, you have to decide on the kind of business that you will be putting up. How can you make the right decision? You have to know that the options are countless but it is very important for you to pick the one that suits you best. That means that you have to choose the type of business that you can personally handle. You need to have some background knowledge about it and some experience with it as well. Another very important factor to consider is interest and passion for this kind of trade. If you have a skill, then you can use that as a basis for starting your home-based business.

Preparing For Your Business

Starting your own business is never easy. There are many things that you have to accomplish in order to be fully prepared. Perhaps, the one of the most important detail to prepare is the capital. Needless to say, you need money in order to start your own business. But don’t worry because you can get a business loan from any bank. All you need to show them is feasible business plan, so will have to prepare for that too. The business plan is very important as this will serve as your ‘checklist’ for all things that you need as you go through your plans. Since you are starting a home-based business, make sure that you prepare a work station somewhere in your property where you can concentrate and not be disturbed. This work station is also where you keep safe all the tools for your trade.

Starting a home-based business is may be hard, but it is not impossible. With the right attitude and hard work, anybody can say goodbye to their daytime jobs and be their very own boss.